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Iran Today and Its Place in the Nuclear Puzzle


Wednesday, May 16, 2012 7:00PM - 9:00PM


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In the context of a presidential election year, American and Israeli options to terminate Iran's nuclear program by military means is perceived to be more likely. However, a critical analysis might show that there is room for alternative interpretations of Iran's activities and objectives and that there are other connections that should be examined before resorting to military options.

Iran's nuclear program is just one piece of a puzzle that also involves North Korea, Libya, Russia, and America. Ralph Kuiper will present a photo journal from a 2010 visit to Iran illuminating the rich historical heritage of this region and the potential of citizen-to-citizen relations to address conflicting narratives.

Martin Hellman will then discuss Iran's nuclear program, and how highlights of Iran's historical relations with the United States reveal the need for a more nuanced picture before committing to potentially catastrophic actions.


Martin Hellman

Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

::Ralph Kuiper

Chair, Peninsula Chapter, World Affairs Council



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