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Landscapes of Devotion: Meditations on Tibetan Culture in Tibet and Nepal


Tuesday, April 02, 2013 6:00PM to

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 7:00PM


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Richard Christiani has photographed the landscapes, culture and lifestyles of Tibetan people during six Himalayan treks in Tibet and neighboring Nepal, Bhutan and India. Landscapes of Devotion includes photographs from his journeys in 2011 to Mount Kailash in Tibet and to Tibetan communities in the Inner Dolpo region of Nepal. The photographs reflect the care and devotion of the Tibetan people for their land and spiritual heritage and the effect of their beliefs on the landscape. Their beliefs are affected in turn by the landscape of the Tibetan plateau and its vast, expansive emptiness.

The Tibetan Aid Project, a non-profit organization which helps to preserve Tibetan culture, encouraged Mr. Christiani to create this exhibit which shows the incredible spirit and caring of the Tibetan people, even as they face great challenges to the survival of their language, culture and way of life.

Landscapes of Devotion will be on view April 2 through May 29, 2013.


Richard Christiani




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